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Community Schools: A Vehicle for Reimagining Education in NY

November 9th, 2020

Virtual Dr. Hennessey Lustica, Community Schools Mental Health Grant Director, and Margi Taber, Community Schools Coordinator for Behavioral Health with Wayne County Department of Mental Health, participated on a NYS Community Schools panel. The Roundtable discussion was titled: Community Schools: A Vehicle for Reimagining Education in New York.

Lustica and Taber shared about the work being done through Wayne County Community Schools to strengthen the mental health services to students and families in support of emotional health in rural communities. The conversation also highlighted needs that have arisen from -- and supports/resources that were instituted as a result of -- COVID-19. Community Schools in Wayne County are continuing to provide the comprehensive support students and their families need amid COVID-19, building on their robust relationships with community partners and awareness of specific community needs. The event can be viewed in its entirety at or view the video below!

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