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Academic Mentoring

The practice of helping and advising a less experienced person over a period of time, especially as part of a formal program in a company, university, etc.

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Oaks Mentoring Alliance

A program built to connect at-risk youth with mentors in their community.

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Mentoring Wayne’s Emerging Leaders (Mentoring WEL)

A program to provide education, mentoring, and support for emerging leaders from agencies, departments, and businesses in Wayne County.

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Mentoring WEL (Wayne’s Emerging Leaders)
A Program to Strengthen the Future of Wayne County
2023 - 2024

The Wayne County Coordinating Council, in cooperation with the Wayne County Partnership, is embarking on an effort to identify some of Wayne County’s future leaders and enlist them for a pilot program of education and mentoring.

The components of the Mentoring WEL program are:

  1. Each participant will go through an orientation session (1 hour) and a three-session (2 hours each) monthly educational program.  The sessions will include presentations and an opportunity for discussion and interaction with fellow attendees.  Specific sessions will include:

    a. Wayne County Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    b.  Economy and Economic Development

    c.  Community and Human Services, Non-Profits and Healthcare

  2. While in the program, each participant will identify a mentoring area of interest and work with program volunteers toward a mentoring placement.

  3. Upon completion of the educational program, attendees will be placed for a six-month mentoring opportunity in Wayne County.

  4. At the end of the mentoring period, the attendees will reconvene with the program coordinator to evaluate the program and make recommendations for future such programs.

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