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Youth Leadership Forum

The Youth Leadership Forum is designed for high school students in grades 9-12.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Wayne County Community Schools brought youth from all over the county together to give them an opportunity to have their voice heard within their school and community. Today, for the first time in over three years, we are giving the youth of Wayne County an opportunity to speak up yet again by hosting another Youth Leadership Forum. The overall topic of this Youth Leadership Forum is based on health and wellness as for the past three years, it has been a topic that has been on everyone’s mind, and we are looking forward to giving the youth an opportunity to tell their side of the story. This event is going to focus on helping youth lead the change they wish to see while connecting them with other students and local leaders who can help make those changes happen.




Dr. Bryant MarksNTIRE

The National Training Institute on Race & Equity (NTIRE) is a social entrepreneurial entity that assists individuals and organizations with understanding, identifying, and managing the content, skills, and behavior needed to create diverse social and professional communities that are inclusive and equitable. Built on a unique combination of social science, the tenets of Martin Luther King Jr.’s version of the Beloved Community, and engaging and interactive training, NTIRE uses non-judgmental, yet evidence-based approaches to shed light on difficult and sensitive topics to enhance interpersonal and intergroup relations. A portion of all revenue is donated to a scholarship fund at Morehouse College to assist young males with immense potential with reaching their academic and career goals.


"The other day, I attended the Youth Leadership Forum. It taught me what being human means. It taught me the definition of implicit bias, how to avoid implicit bias, and why we have implicit bias. It taught me not to judge others by the way society has taught us to see them. And it was a great way to connect with other students around the county. Take a second of your day and try to understand WHY that person is acting like they are, try to understand what their life is like. For what we see isn't always what's true."

- 2019 Participant

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